Presentations and workshops


A list of public appearances, some of them including slides.




12 November 2014

Agile Testing Days

A more powerful yet simpler FitNesse?

19 June 2014

Test Automation Day

Workshop: Benefit from the available innovations

15 May 2014

Romanian Testing Conference

Workshop: Benefit from the available innovation in test automation

27 February 2014

FitNesse meetup

Testing with or without a UI with FitNesse and the PowerTools

15 January 2014

TestNet Model Based Testing SIG

PowerTools MBT workshop

31 October 2013

TestNet fall event


13 May 2013

TestNet spring event

Workshop: Test modeling, test automation and model based testing with open source tools

22 March 2013


How automated testing relates to model based testing

20 March 2013


Workshop: FitNesse & Selenium

27 November 2013

Dutch Testing Day

Organizer and host

9 November 2013

Radboud University

Workshop: Test automation, FitNesse & Selenium

9 May 2012


Automated tests that survive even continuous change

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