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Automation in Java for testers (2 days)

Automation is hotter than ever, and Java is the main programming language used for it. This 2 day workshop teaches testers automation in Java. You will learn everything about Java, Selenium, FitNesse and Cucumber that you need to get started or take the next steps. Not by listening to an instructor for hours but by doing it. And not hurried along by an eager instructor or more experienced classmates but at your own pace. This approach maximizes your learning. You will take home working examples that you wrote yourself.

Topics include:


Methods, variables, parameters, types, main method, expressions and operators, flow control (if, for, ...), classes, objects, invoking methods on objects, inheritance, page object design pattern


Opening and closing a browser, locating an item on a page, interact with an item (click, type, ...), wait for an item to be ready for interaction


Editing and running test cases, how FitNesse calls Java methods, how test data is passed


The Gherkin format (given-when-then), how Cucumber calls Java methods in 'step definitions', how test data is passed to code

Some additional details on the workshop:

Required programming experience

None. Those with some experience will quickly advance to more challenging exercises.

Laptop required


Install software before workshop

Preferred, leaves you more time for exercises. May require admin privileges.

Group discount


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